Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten – 03. Favoriten Voices phrase 1

Vienna’s outer districts, each with a socioeconomic and cultural character well known to the city’s residents, are separated by the Gürtel; a demarcation line between the city and the suburb. Favoriten, the 10th district, as well as other parts of the suburbs, faces these stereotypes. And they are still boiling in our nowadays society. This documentary series -Meine Favoriten, Deine Favoriten – is trying to engage with the 10th district residents and empower them. Raising topics with regards on their dailies and individual perceptions. Showing their voices and what they see, how they think of it and what they stand up for. Is “favoriten” crime-infested or safe? Crumbling or in the progress? We presume that the “I” level of perceptions can reduce the gap between residents and the general inhabitants of Vienna.

Click here to watch the video

Cap 2017-06-25 20-08-19-298.jpg

©All copyrights reserved by Aki Lee


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