Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten – 01.Short trailer | exhibition and residency in Hundertwasser Haus Wien

Meine Favoriten, Deine Favoriten

This is a short trailer version of the documentary – Meine Favoriten voices – we are displaying in the Hundertwasser Haus Wien. It collects all our interviews from the 10th district residents. Please come have a look, and upgrading your perception towards our favorite 10th district in Vienna!

“Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten” is a Social Design semester project operated by Julijana Rosoklija‎, Violet Dahyun Kim and Aki Lee. The exhibition in Hundertwasser Haus Wien lasts from 6th till 9th of June. Meanwhile, together with our Favoriten voices, we will be there from 10am till 17pm and receive all your questions and doubts.



Click here to watch the video

Cap 2017-06-21 16-06-23-462

©All copyrights reserved by Aki Lee


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