Meine Favoriten Deine Favoriten – 04. Public actions phrase 2

The Meine Favoriten, Deine Favoriten newspaper edition shown our satirical but also critical opinions of Favoriten, as a place worth visiting, seeing, living in. It presents as a media platform which contains our author’s views and our interviews contents together with our researches. By spreading out around the city and creating new attentions, we are also open to receive more reflections from the public, through our connected Instagram account @Favoriten_Vienna and website:

Meanwhile, documentaries are also been released online. It contains the dailiness and the dynamics of the district, as well as several vocal recordings from our interviewers – 10th’s residents. The visuals of this series serve as our own “eye”, as our perceptions of the surroundings and all its contents, structural and social, but also acting as podcaster which gives the diversity of Favoriten’s voice.

In June, we invited our interviewers to few of our public actions and gave us feedbacks. On 6-9th of June, under the program of Politics of Fear, we exhibited our part of research and fist time released our documentary. And on the 17th of June, associated with Community Kitchen, we organized a open brunch with our Favoriteners.

Now the action is still on-going. And we are looking forward for you feedbacks 🙂


Click here to watch the video

Cap 2017-06-26 09-53-47-852

©All copyrights reserved by Aki Lee


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